We Respect Your Data

As your trusted partner for executive search, we recognize our critical role in protecting your data.

We are committed to ensuring that all personal data shared and processed within ANKH is protected, private and secure, thus also providing a framework for compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and other data protection legislation.


ANKH adheres to the principles and requirements of data protection and relevant national or regional legislation, including those of the European Economic Area (EEA) where the GDPR applies.

At ANKH, we have crafted best practices and operating standards to ensure and promote data protection within our team. We apply internal inspections to ensure compliance with local legislation and requirements, and train our professionals to work in accordance with these.

Collected Data

On our site we collect two kinds of information:

On our Contact page, where we collect contact information for any indiviual or company who wants to do business with us.

Our Positions pages, where the information we collect includes but is not limited to the canditate’s name, contact information, desired role, curriculum vitae and cover letter of intent.

Rights of Candidates & Other Data Subjects

At any time, our candidates and clients have the rights to:

• inquire which of their data we are processing,
• request their data on file with us,
• request us to modify their personal data,
• request their data to be erased & forgotten
• request us to restrict our use of their data

When required, ANKH offices obtain valid consent from candidates and other data subjects for the processing of their personal data.

Data Security

ANKH takes all necessary measures to ensure the security of data we process against unlawful access or loss, including specific actions related to potential data breaches.

We have policies and processes in place for safeguarding data, devices and systems.

We actively promote the use of state-of-the-art database technologies with integrated data protection functionalities.

We ensure that our 3rd party vendors are aware of their roles in data protection, and work under defined contractual terms for the sharing of personal data.

International Data Transfers

Some national or regional legislation requires that international transfers of personal data must include special safeguards and mechanisms to ensure that the ‘protection travels with the data’.

Notably, under the GDPR, this applies to data that is transferred from the EEA to non-EEA countries.

In this we always enforce Standard Contractual Clauses in order to ensure the safe and efficient flow of personal data within our global organization.

For more information on our data protection, privacy and security processes, contact us.